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To Write Love on Her Arms/Dress for Success

I recently put a SocialVibe widget on the side of this blog. SocialVibe is a way for bloggers to pledge their support for various charities. While the bloggers make no money off of this, advertisers who support these charities make small donations for each click. I chose To Write Love On Her Arms, a non-profit organization that provides access to support, assistance, and treatment for people dealing with depression, addiction, self-injury, or thoughts of suicide. I chose it because I am a long-term sufferer of depression. Also, this blog is about hard times, and those experiencing hard times may find themselves dealing with depression, addiction, self-injury, or thoughts of suicide.

The sponsors on SocialVibe change every so often, but one of the current sponsors is Coffee-Mate coffee creamer. I mention this because Coffee-Mate is also sponsoring Dress for Success, which is an organization that provides low-income women with suits and professional attire so that they can look nice and feel confident when they go to job interviews. Dress for Success also provides career support to ensure that these women keep their jobs. These opportunities encourage disadvantaged women to take strides towards self-sufficiency. I have not yet used Dress for Success because I bought a $70 suit on my credit card (when I still had an available balance) and many of my jobs have only required business casual attire. Coffee-Mate asks you to give your first name, last initial, and a message of support for a Dress for Success client. They’re calling these messages “cups of confidence” and for each “cup” they will donate 50 cents. I did it and they did not require me to provide any additional personal information, so I will not be getting any spam about new coffee-creamer flavors.

So, with a few clicks you can help support two non-profit organizations with almost no effort and without actually spending any money.

In case you’re wondering, I’m not getting paid for promoting any of this. These are just causes I care about and I want people to know about them.



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