About Modern Poverty

A Rare Glimpse of Zoe Doom

A Rare Glimpse of Zoe Doom

This is essentially a riches-to-rags story, a chronicle of my life and frustrations with being educated, motivated, yet mostly unemployed in the United States. I learned a lot growing up wealthy; I learned much more from being poor.

I have always enjoyed writing and journaling, but I am a very private person. I don’t want to live in the shadows anymore, and I’ve decided to write a memoirs in an effort to reach out to people who have faced similar trials. With this blog I hope to lay the groundwork for my memoirs while I enlighten, entertain, or at least make people feel better when they realize that their lives suck less than mine.

Feel free to e-mail me at zoedoom AT gmail DOT com

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2 responses to “About Modern Poverty

  1. Hi Zoe
    I like your blog. Your style is honest without being whiney. I can identify with much of what you’ve written about poverty. I spent six years on the povo line and every minute was hard. Resourcefulness was what got me through. Whatever you do, don’t stop writing.

  2. TJ

    Hope all is well. You have posted at all this year and just checking in on you!


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