Who can it be now?

Another day, another knock at my door I don’t answer. I’m starting to think that my landlord and rental agency are as clueless about eviction as I am. It seems odd that they would try to approach me in person when I have not received so much as a phone message from them in about a month and I have received no eviction-related documents since my three-day pay-or-vacate notice. There have been no notes left on my door, which is even more confusing. I live in a condominium with no on-site manager. Why would someone drive all the way out here unannounced without leaving a note? The pay-or-vacate notice was left on my door, but that is all.

I can only assume it is someone who wants to talk to me about eviction. This person knocks on my door persistently, and does not approach my neighbors’ condos. Whoever he is, he is here to see me. The only reason anyone stops by my place uninvited is to get something from me. I tell myself sometimes that I will answer my phone next time a debt collector calls, and I told myself tonight that I will answer the door the next time this happens. But I probably won’t. If I had an income I might have more confidence in this matter, but as of now I don’t.

Today I drank a Diet Rock Star, a drink that can wake the dead. I hoped that by drinking it I would find the energy to pack and clean out my place a little, but I was fast asleep an hour later. I have barely moved on paring down my belongings. I have also stopped applying for jobs. I have reached the pinnacle of my exhaustion. I’m becoming more fearful that there is something very wrong with me health-wise. I have only mentioned some of my chronic health issues here, and it’s not something I really care to get into yet, but I started showing signs of illness around ten years old. I have been diagnosed with a couple of problems, but my diagnoses do not explain many other symptoms I have. I’m definitely not a hypochondriac, even though I have often been treated as such. My symptoms are visible, undeniable, and run in my family, but my medical tests are always negative or inconclusive. These issues only add to my overwhelming fatigue. Despite having a father who was a doctor, I have never had proper, consistent healthcare. My parents never took me to doctors, even when at age 12 I became violently ill and developed vertigo and intrusive pulsatile tinnitus, the latter of which I still have to this day. I still get vertigo on occasion, too, but never to the degree I had it in childhood. There were multiple occasions when I had to crawl because I couldn’t walk without vomiting or falling. I haven’t had an incident like that in about 11 years (knock on wood). By the time I was old enough to go to doctors regularly on my own, I had been disowned by PsychoDad and didn’t have a job that offered health insurance. I finally got good health insurance just in time for my Cancer Scare of ’06, but I lost my job six months after the surgery that left me scarred and hormonally wonky, for lack of a better term. It wasn’t cancer, fortunately, but no one knew that so my stress levels extremely high. Not that knowing would have changed much. It still would have been stressful and life-altering.

One of my biggest personality flaws is that I don’t ask anyone for the help I need until it’s too late. I had this problem in college and graduate school. I have had this problem at jobs. I’m doing it again right now and I don’t know how to stop it. I seem to have personal drama going on all the time, and I will struggle, struggle, and struggle with school or work all the while thinking “I can do this!” and by the time I realize that I can’t it’s too late. I’ve been asked in several situations “Why didn’t you tell me there was a problem? Why didn’t you ask for help?” My response is always “I really thought I could handle it.” But sometimes I can’t. My awareness of this personality flaw hasn’t stopped me from doing it time and time again. I guess I don’t know where the line is between self-sufficiency and foolishness. I can’t stop all of the drama, but I should be able to improve the way I cope.




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4 responses to “Who can it be now?

  1. To me you do sound depressed, life is hard and sometimes it can just suck!

    Just remember you are not alone out there and there are many people that will be more loving and understanding than the people you would expect to love you unconditionally.

    I have learned though my trials and tribulations that the only one you can count on to be there for you. They always say they will be there and when the time comes, you look around, and they are no where to be found.

    I think I have found my happiness in my solitude, and of course, my dog!

    • Thanks for reading and commenting, Thomas. Yes, I am depressed. Mostly because of money, though. And extreme frustration. Pretty much all of the bad things that have happened to me recently can be traced back to me being poor. I’m definitely happier alone than with people. I’ve always preferred the company of books, music, television, and my cat.

  2. What I find disheartening about this countries current economic disaster is that most people love to blame the person for their turmoil.

    I am a 3 time cancer survivor, and let me tell you, if 1 bout with cancer won’t bankrupt you, 3 definitely will. I feel our society is lost in worshipping the federal reserve note and is so quick to sell out our own labor just so we can save a buck at Walmart.

    If people do not change soon, I wouldn’t worry to much about being poor, all those a$$holes will be right there with us!

    • I can’t even imagine going through cancer three times. You’re quite a trooper! I didn’t even HAVE cancer, but I had a cantaloupe-sized tumor and had to be in the hospital awhile and that was enough. I also had to have a lot of ultrasounds and whatnot. Add that to my chronic illnesses and chronic unemployment and my initial ignorance and frivolity with money….ick. One of my friends from college is currently being treated for Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and she had to move in with her sister just to keep afloat. Even declaring bankruptcy is expensive! The cheapest bankruptcy lawyer I’ve found is $800.

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