Safe as houses

Eye of Horus

Eye of Horus

I am glad to say that I have overreacted. Despite my antisocial tendencies as of late, I really do have some good friends who have my back if I need it and talk some sense into me when I’m confused or irrational. My problems are by no means solved, but my head is clearer, at least for the time being.

Yesterday a friend took me out for coffee and we looked up information about eviction law online. My friend is rational and assertive, and has far better people skills than I do. I am being evicted, but I have more time than I thought. I am supposed to come up with $1400 by tonight (or tomorrow night, maybe even Monday night –I’m not exactly sure). If I don’t come up with that money in time (and let’s face it –I won’t), my landlord will then begin processing the eviction. From what I understand, that entails a fair amount of legwork on behalf of the owners of my condominium and the rental agency they employ. The eviction will take a minimum 20 days, and cannot begin until sometime next week, or possibly closer to the end of the month. I am still researching, processing, and reading. Once again poverty is a learning experience. I know more about Washington state repossession law than many lawyers and most police officers, and even the repossession professionals I was forced to deal with. By the time this ordeal is over, I’m sure I will be well-versed in the ways of eviction, too. Perhaps I should have gone to law school.

Even if I do come up with the money, my landlord can legally evict me for not coming up with the money on time. I will attempt to negotiate, but if they won’t allow me to work out a payment agreement, then I really don’t see the point in paying at all. If I pay the $1400 (or whatever quantity I come up with) and still get evicted, then I’m out the money and have no way to pay deposits or rent on the next place. If I continue to not pay (or rather, continue to not have any money) and get evicted, at least I can still hold on to whatever scraps I get. This isn’t me. This really isn’t me at all. I’m a responsible person, and I hate being a leech on society and a waste of resources.

I have barely been able to do anything but sleep. I slept until 4:00pm today, and I was in bed at a reasonable hour last night. I attempted to wake up early Friday morning to go to an eviction advisory clinic, but I just couldn’t get up. Like the financial assistance department at the electric company, they will only see people for two hours during each work day, and  I was unable to make it in time. I haven’t been taking all of my thyroid medications, so that’s probably part of the problem. Not to mention the debilitating depression.

I would really like to make the rounds on Monday –ask the churches, anyone, see if there are any local organizations that can help me, even just a little. Earlier today I found many resources listed under my local community resources page. This is much more difficult than it should be because I do not have easy access to a telephone. I don’t even have enough change for multiple pay-phone calls. I’m almost afraid to call, anyway, because of the frustration I have dealt with in the past. I e-mailed unemployment and they said that I haven’t worked enough to get unemployment. They are using 2008 as my base year –the year I was in graduate school the whole time. Well, fine…but when I called for the first time almost two months ago, I established that fact with the woman I spoke to and she put in a request for me to have 2009 as my alternative base year. I received a letter in the mail that confirmed this. Over six weeks later, and it’s not even in their records. They are understaffed and overwhelmed. They really should just offer jobs to the people who file claims.

For now, though, I’m safe, though not exactly sane. I have known since February that I could not afford to live here, but I also couldn’t afford to move so I have been stuck. My friend yesterday said “I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have my parents or family for backup.” I never thought I’d have to know.



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