Single female seeks inexpensive lodging, no strings attached

I realize and I accept that I can no longer pay my rent. I have begun to do some research about local housing options. The truth is, I will never find a cheaper apartment. So that means I will have to live in a room in a house.

I’ve always been a packrat, and I can be overly sentimental, so it will be difficult to pare my belongings down to one room. Unlike most people my age, I do not have parents who will keep my treasured belongings safe for me, so everything I own is in my possession. Everything left over from my childhood is either in my home or has been destroyed. I don’t have many things that make me happy, so I guess I hold on to what I can.

My initial perusal of postings was disappointing. I found a room in a house owned by a single father who openly declared that he hoped to have a tenant who would be interested in a romantic relationship. It was cheap, but no. I found another room in a house owned by a couple who would let their tenant stay for free in exchange for housekeeping and sexual services. Um, no.

My other obstacle is my credit rating. My credit is currently very, very bad, and that limits my options. Also, I have pets, which limits my options further. I have finally gotten in touch with a bankruptcy lawyer, and he says I should be able to declare in 90 days. I can also discharge my electricity bill in this process, which will be nice. I am not sure if I will have to wait the whole 90 days to get my electricity back. I don’t think I can stay in my apartment that long. Moving into a house would be ideal because chances are they would already have electricity in someone else’s name so I wouldn’t have to pay deposits and whatnot. Moving in the dark will be difficult, though, and I’m sure to rack up many fees because I can’t clean properly in the dark. I have a long-haired black cat and I can’t vacuum.

I’ve decided to get rid of most of my books. More painful is the awareness that I have to get rid of most of my CDs, or at least the jewel cases. I’ve been clinging to those for most of my life. I just don’t like CDs without jewel cases. It seems wrong. Sacrilege. I’m too poor (and too much of a Luddite) to go 100% digital.

I’m terrified (yes, terrified) of living with other people at this point in my life due to health issues, but I see no way around it. I’m hoping that I can find some sort of dormitory-style boarding house where I can have my own enclosed space where my pets can stay, and I will only have to worry about sharing a kitchen and bathroom. If it’s big enough, I may even be able to keep my 12-year-old television.


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